Get The Boot: Tips For Buying The Best Footwear For Motocross

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Motocross boots (such as those from Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply) are a safety item that you should never ride without. This footwear protects your feet, legs, and ankles from injury during this exciting and often dangerous activity. When shopping online for motocross boots, be sure that you familiarize yourself with the size guide, and that you are offered the opportunity to return your boots if they don't fit or you are not satisfied.  

Some tips when buying your motocross boots include:

Look for boots reinforced with steel. Just like you would wear steel-toed boots for protection at work or play, you should always seek motocross boots that are reinforced with steel. The heels and toes of true motocross boots need reinforcement for maximum protection during impact, so avoid those styles that are reinforced with plastic.

Be sure the boots are made for motocross. There are many different types of biking and off-road boots, but motocross boots are typically made to be sturdy enough for the sport. Don't settle for other types of footwear, as you will want the added protection that boots made distinctively for motocross provide.

Ask for boots with hinges on the ankles. Your ankles take a lot of pressure during motocross, and hinged-ankle boots provide a lot of flexibility for movement while protecting them. These types of boots may cost a little more but are worth it in terms of comfort, performance, and safety.

Seek out a snug fit. For maximum protection, motocross boots should fit snugly. Many styles offer zippers that will fit over the foot, ankles, and legs like a glove, and that are easy to remove, too. Try boots on to ensure they fit, or familiarize yourself with the size-guide to make sure you order the correct size from online merchants.

Buckle-up and keep your boots on. Any boots made for motocross should have closures of some sort to ensure the boot stays on during the sport. Buckles along the sides of the leg may help to keep boots on during high-impact moves, and will prevent riders from potentially losing their boots during motocross runs.

Absorb as much shock as possible. Since motocross is a high-intensity, high-impact sport, you need plenty of padding in your boots to absorb shock. Look for styles with shock-absorbent padding and removable arch supports, if possible. This will make your feet far more comfortable during wear.

Make sure that the boots you wear for motocross are designed for this potentially-dangerous sport. Don't make buying decisions when shopping based on price alone; consider these tips to find the best boots to protect your feet during this exciting, adrenaline-fueled activity!