3 Motorcycle Carburetor Problems And The Signs Associated With Them

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If you own a motorcycle, you may eventually incur a problem with your carburetor. However, without knowing the signs of a carburetor problem, you may not have the issue remedied before your motorcycle becomes inoperable. Here are a few problems that may occur with your carburetor and the associated signs so you can identify them:

Too Much Air

A carburetor is supposed to deliver a proportionate amount of fuel and air to your bike's engine. The device adjusts the proportion delivered based on signals from the throttle.

If your carburetor is delivering more air than it should, your motorcycle may begin to backfire. The backfiring typically occurs when the throttle is closed.

Also, you may notice that your pipes and spark plugs take on a grayish or whitened appearance. There may also be sporadic acceleration instead of a smooth increase in speed.

If too much air is flowing from the carburetor, the carburetor may be able to be adjusted using the screw that regulates the air and fuel proportions. The screw can be turned clockwise to lessen the quantity of air that flows into the carburetor. This will increase the proportion of fuel.

Too Much Fuel

If your carburetor is delivering more gasoline than it should, your motorcycle may burn more fuel than usual. In addition, it may not increase in speed quickly. Also, instead of the spark plugs and pipes of your motorcycle being white in color, they may be blackened by soot.

A disproportionately large amount of fuel may be remedied by changing an air filter that has become too dirty to function properly.

Improper Carburetor Settings for Multi-cylinder Motorcycles

Some motorcycles have multiple carburetors. This is the case for motorcycles that have multiple cylinders. There may be one carburetor for each cylinder.

If the carburetors are not properly set to balance the flow of air and gas, the motorcycle may not perform well, and the engine may falter or stall more often. The bike may also exhibit poor gas mileage, and you may periodically notice the loud popping noises of backfiring.

Problems with the improper carburetor settings for multi-cylinder bikes may be caused by too little maintenance. Sometimes, the adjustment screw within a carburetor may turn out of position on its own over time due to the vibrations of the bike.

If the carburetor of your motorcycle has started to have issues, schedule an appointment with a motorcycle repair specialist in your area, such as Chandler Motorcycle Repair.