Start Their Engines With An Awesome Motorcycle Birthday Party

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Do you know someone who loves motorcycles? Whether that person is 3 years old or 103 years old, you can throw a fabulous motorcycle themed party that guests will never forget. Here's how. 

Get Guests Geared Up With Fun Invitations

Set the mood with some cool invitations that will let guests know what to expect. Buy or create note cards featuring a picture of a cool motorcycle, or take a picture of the guest of honor with a bike. Then add fun wording like this.

  • "Alex is 5! Help us rev up the fun with a motorcycle party!"
  • "You'll want a helmet for this! It's a motorcycle party for Casey!"
  • "Cameron is 30, and we're getting in gear for some motorcycle fun." 

If you really want to make a statement, hand deliver invitations on a motorcycle. 

Feed the Gang


Give your guests your version of a biker bar. Put down a black and white checkered tablecloth and then fill red, plastic bowls with party foods like chips and mixed veggies. Make a large sign that announces that the space is the guest of honor's biker bar. 


For your adult biker party, look no further than beer. Offer it ice cold in bottles or create fun drinks or your own. For example, try layering a raspberry lambic with a chocolate stout for a gorgeous black and red party beer.


A simple motorcycle party cake requires nothing more than a standard cake baked from a mix. Apply black or red icing, and put a big, toy motorcycle on top. 

If you want to get more creative, try making a tire cake. Bake round cakes, using as many layers as you want. Add a thick layer of black icing. Then cover the cake with a smooth layer of black fondant. Use more black fondant to create a pattern of tire treads. 

Start Up Some Activities

Motor Models

Give guests pretzel sticks, marshmallows, black licorice and a variety of candy and have them make their own motorcycle models. This is a fun activity for both kids and grown-ups, especially when the adults have enjoyed a few beers. 

Kids' Games

Try these versions of party favorites.

  • Pin the handlebars on the motorcycle.
  • Play musical bikes on chairs decorated as motorcycles. 
  • Instead of duck, duck, goose try car, car, bike. 

The Real Deal

No motorcycle party is complete with a real motorcycle. Ask someone who rides to bring a bike that kids can see, touch and sit on. If you have just a few young guests and their parents' permission, you can even offer short rides. 

If the guest of honor is an adult, rent a dream bike for the occasion. 

You can throw a fantastic birthday party for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life. Add some fun and imagination, and you will have a party your guests will love. Talk to a company like Carl's Cycle Sales for more information.